Have you Settled to Way Things Are in Your Life?

Looking at your Life, do you think you may have settled for the way things are?  Have you given up on the dreams you once had?

I think we all settle from time to time, I may have even settled once or twice but who’s counting…. Wink, wink…

It’s just a fact quite a few of us do, whether it’s in our relationships, with our jobs, or our families.  We fall into a routine without even realizing it and before we know it our hopes and dreams get put on a back burner.  Years go by, and oh my gosh they go fast…   Ya know what I mean?

Well enough of that, I believe that anyone that wants to have a better life can, that means you, me and anyone else that still dreams. (Period) If this is you then keep reading I will share a few things I was able to do.

First a quote by Tony Robbins

“I don’t have to settle. I don’t have to tolerate the life I have, even if it’s good. I want great, magnificent, and outstanding.”

A little history – Growing up in my family, there was not a lot of encouragement to be great or outstanding.  In Fact quite the opposite, especially from my Mother, may she rest in peace.  I love my Mom, but because of the things that happened in her life she just sort of figured that was how it was and tried to pass that on to us.  Luckily I didn’t buy it.

Whatever your family life was or wasn’t it’s not who you are and you don’t have to settle.  What I want to convey here is that it’s never too late to make a change in your life, you always have to power to change it.  A wise person once told me “it is never too late to change the direction of your life”.  I believed this 100%

When I look back I see now I was always an entrepreneur, I didn’t know what that meant way back then, but I was very creative in creating money and finding ways to make a living.  I could tell you some stories.  I just knew that I was meant for more and it has been a journey that has brought me to where I am today.

Right now you want to know how to change your life and create the one you have dreamt about – Right?

It starts with a strong desire to make a change.  As they say “When you are sick and tired of being Sick and tired, you’ll make a change”

The change starts with you….

You are right where you need to be, the journey you are about to go on is one of self-awareness and discovery.   Whether you just want to change your relationships or create the life and dreams you desire, all change starts from within.  And it starts with our habits and the patterns we repeat.   It’s the thoughts that run through your head.

It’s really hard to change yourself, it’s easy to change a pattern – Tony Robbins Click To Tweet

Becoming aware of the patterns we can change them

  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Comparing
  • Negative self-talk

Awareness is the beginning really looking at yourself with honest reflection.  This is where I had to start.  If you’re not willing to look at your faults and take responsibility for the things you do, you most likely will stay stuck and just continue to settle for the mediocre life.  Or you can start learning and developing new habits that will take you beyond what you ever thought possible.

God or universal intelligence or whatever you want to call it puts people in our lives for a reason, so that we can become more whole, when you understand this, that’s when the lessons take on a whole new meaning.

I read, listen to motivational speakers and to people that inspire me to be better and continue to grow.  Stay away from negative people and start to find those around you that speak positively.  It really will make a difference.

I recommend this book by Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within 

Gotta start somewhere.

Take the first step…

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Until Next Time

Have a blessed day

Love and Light







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