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Pretty Link Pro is a Plugin for WordPress that will enable you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your links on your own domain and server.

It's more than a mere Affiliate Link Cloaker or URL shortener — it will revolutionize how you approach your business by allowing you to automate repetitive tasks, optimize your site with testing, see the results of your campaigns immediately and virally spread your links—including all your Affiliate Links within minutes!

Pretty Link is proven, gets results and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times … Download it today and see what you’ve been missing!

Create Pretty Links in Minutes

Whether you’re a blogger, social maven or an affiliate marketer managing your links can be challenging.

The choice is usually between giving up all control over your links to a third party link shrinking service or rolling out your own php script or apache directives to hack together some redirects.

Using a 3rd party service or rolling out your own redirection software both have some serious drawbacks. Using a third party can be appealing in some ways but it can hurt your credibility and in the end you have no guarantee you’ll always have access to your links. Rolling your own solution can take time (even if you have the technical chops to do this), can be difficult to manage and is usually very difficult to track.

Pretty Link makes managing your social links, redirects and affiliate links much easier. Its a WordPress plugin so all you have to do is upload a zip file to your website, activate it and you’re creating links using your website. It combines the ease of use of a third party solution with the power of a custom solution — Pretty Link makes it simple for you to shrink, cloak, track and share your links.

Mission Control For Your Links

These days, there are a plethora of places that active bloggers and affiliate marketers need to share their links. They share them on their blogs, in email campaigns, twitter, facebook, and any other place you can imagine… so doesn’t it make sense that there would be some central place to manage all of these links?

Pretty Link will provide you with the tools you need to manage your social media links, redirects, affiliate links and about any other kind of link you want. These links will be easily accessible from your WordPress website’s admin interface and will use your domain name; this means you’ll have complete control over how your links look and redirect.

Some of the other tools you’ll have available to you with Pretty Link will be the ability to group, sort, search and track clicks for your links.

With Pretty Link you’ll always have a finger on the pulse of your marketing activities … you’ll know how all of your links are doing in real time.

Make Sure People See Your Links

What good is creating a bunch of links if no one ever sees them? Nada…

This is why we’ve added a number of powerful features to Pretty Link Pro that will help you get your links out to the masses.

Pretty Link Pro will allow you to add a tweet badge to each of your blog posts and / or pages. This is great because it will show how many times the link has been tweeted and will give your readers the ability to tweet the link themselves … and since its a pretty link that’s being shared, you can track it.

You’ll also be able to put social buttons on all of your blog posts to the top social media sites where your visitors can share the pretty link to it.

Perhaps the most innovative feature though is that Pretty Link Pro will actually aggregate tweets about each of your posts that your visitors can re-tweet.

The reason why all of these sharing features are different than other plugins you can get for social sharing is that these features share pretty links … so you’ll always be able to control how your links look and track how they’re being used.

Plans and Pricing

No matter what your needs are, we have a plan that’s right for you:


“I don’t know if you realize it or not , but I think you’ve created what’s going to be one of the ‘most sought after’ and ‘useful’ solutions for every WordPress user out there!!!

“I could probably write a book explaining why this plugin would be one of the ‘must have’ tools to have in your WP arsenal, but to top it off… not having to add the extra directory for the URL plus being able to track clicks too! AWESOME!”

Jason G

“Brilliant! Works like a charm.”


“I am pretty much impressed with your prettylink. Like its name, pretty link is really awesome. In the beginning of my blogging stance, I have tried many things to cloak my affilitite links,such as php and htaccess. It was really a gruesome experience. I have even messed up my blog trying out different methods. Glad to say that I’m grateful to have stumble upon prettylink. I am so excited using prettylink to cloak my affiliate links. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to getting great stuffs from you. Thanks again.”


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