Make Dreams Happen

You have the power to create whatever dreams you have for your life.  I'm here to let you know you can because I’ve done it over and over again.

What are the Dreams you dream about?  What are you willing to do to make them Happen? The truth is you can’t believe they will happen, you have to make them happen. Sometimes it can take Months or even Years. It’s all in your hands.

This is a story about one dream

When I was a very young girl I spent a lot of time with my Grandparents.

They had a beautiful Old Log Cottage on Lake Huron up in Ontario, Canada. I spent many summer days playing in the lake and walking along the shore. It was so beautiful when the wildflowers bloomed. My favorite smell to this day are flowers mixed with the smell of Cedar on the wind.

Those were the days you could go to Canada without a passport.  I'm irritated about that.  I practically grew up there and half my family lives in Canada, anyway….

On these lazy summer days being a kid one of my favorite things was when Grandma would say to my Grandpa “Let’s go get lost today”. This meant we were going on an adventure. We would pack a picnic lunch and head out for the day fishing poles in hand.

Old Log CabinWhile out on these get lost drives we would come across old abandoned homes along the road.  We would stop and explore to see what treasures we could find.  It was fascinating to see what people left behind. I’d wonder about who had lived here  why did they go. I became so intrigued by these forgotten homes. My imagination would run wild with questions. Who were they? What did they do? Why did they leave all their belongings?  I would make up stories to tell Grandma and Grandpa.

One day I said to my grandparents, “someday I will have a place like this”.  They looked at me and asked why would you want an old run down place like this? It was simple.  All I need is a small place to live with my pets.

Now before I continue let’s talk about dreams.

What is a Dream? 

Will we’re not talking about the ones you have when you’re sleeping. Those are very different kinds of dreams. What we’re talking about are the ones you have when you’re awake. Your waking dreams are the things you want in your life. Your hopes for the future. It’s what you desire for yourself or for your family.  It can be an idea or a vision.

A Dream is nothing more than a thought manifested into reality. You've heard it said “be careful what you think”. That is because “Thoughts” create. They create either positive or negative results depending on how you view things. There's a ton of research on this subject.   I’m a big believer in change your thoughts change your life.

7 Steps to your Dream

  1. Have a Dream. Heck have several dreams, it’s your life. What is it that you so desire that it can at times consume you? There are Big Dreams and Small Dreams. We're all different and what I desire most likely is not something you desire. Don’t let anyone influence your dream. You can have anything you want. There’s case after case of people beating all odds to fulfill their dreams. People from nothing rising to the top. It all comes down to desire and KNOWING you can do it or have it. Mine started with abandoned houses. I said someday. I have other dreams too, this is one example.
  2. Write it down. Very important. Write it down in as much detail as you can. What it feels like right now to have it. What does it look like? When I got older I wrote down in a journal exactly what my little house would look like. This is the most important step.
  3. Make a plan. This can take on many forms. Save money, research, set a date. Look for opportunities or resources that could help you get there. A plan is a plan. It's not set in stone. There are times when detailed plans are necessary. My plan was that someday I would have this place. And I kept my eyes open.
  4. Be flexible. No matter how much you plan something will come up. Murphy’s Law can come into play. Sometimes it’s the universe saying not yet. Look for things to flow, if they’re not flowing be OK with that. There is a reason it’s not flowing. Don’t beat your head against a wall to make something happen. You will only get a headache. Keep taking steps towards your dream. One step at a time.
  5. Revise and Revise. I call this my plan A, B, C, D etc.… Sort of goes along with being flexible. The twist is with each revision you get closer to the end result. Do Not keep repeating the same thing over and over again. That’s called insanity.
  6. Never give up. If it is worth having it’s worth working for. When you give up, you only let yourself down. Nothing is impossible. It’s only the limits we put on ourselves that stop us from being everything we can be or do. Working on yourself, know that you can overcome anything. Know you can achieve whatever you want. It is in the lessons that we grow. We all go through up’s and downs. Shit happens, don’t let it derail you.
  7. Execute Plan. With all of these steps you are actually executing. Everything you do to work towards your dream is executing a plan. Writing this Blog post is an execution of a plan. Doesn’t matter if no one reads it. I wrote it and it is a step towards another dream.

These steps work for me and they can work for you too.

That dream to have my own little home started when I was very young. I never forgot this dream. It was many years later before someone told me to journal and about the power of creation. I made a Journal entry in 2002 that someday I will have a small 2 bedroom place next to water surrounded by trees.

The plan was keep my eyes open and find it. I didn’t have a location set on where this place would be, just that I would keep an eye out for it. Lots of years went by, I moved from Michigan to California then California to Colorado.

On my daughters 16th birthday a friend of mine invited us to go soak at the hot springs in the small town of Buena Vista CO. As we drove into the parking lot my friend saw a real estate fliers next to the road. Very casually my friend said “hey go get that flier and let’s see what cabins are going for here”. I jumped out and grabbed it. The flier showed a cabin on the creek I didn’t think much of it. The picture was not very appealing. We went on to soak the day away.

As we were getting ready to leave the hot springs on a whim I said lets drive down and take a look.

OMG! There it was – the very thing I was looking for

Cabin before

I got so excited and declared right there “That’s Mine”. My friend thought I was crazy. No, I was staring at my Dream. You know when something is right you feel it in your whole body. The place literally shined.

I went home and started planning. First off the sticker price was more than I could afford. So I got to work on a spreadsheet (and I prayed) looking at all my expenses and figuring out how was I going to pull this off.

Next I got a realtor to show me the place. We made an offer. It was a low ball offer and was denied. That didn’t stop me.

On to Plan B. I poured over my spreadsheets removing every expense I could. I asked the creator to help me with my next offer. That might be a little woo-woo for some of you but true. I got a number and called the realtor to put that offer in. It was my last offer if this got denied I was going to have to wait. Remember, if it doesn't flow it’s not meant to be, at least for now. I had a plan C.

The friend I mentioned will he thought I lost it when I started to buy things for a place I didn’t own and had been turned down. Yes, I started to buy dishes and a few furniture pieces.  All I could say was that place is mine, you don’t understand. We actually got into a big disagreement over this. He thought I was being irrational. What he didn’t know was this was years in the making. I am not one to jump without careful consideration.  As for the things I brought I could use in my house.  So really not a big deal, at least to me.

Good News

The second offer was accepted. The moral of the story. I found the home I dreamed of many years ago. People told me I was crazy. I was willing to wait if it didn’t flow, made a plan, looked at all the angles, then executed said plan.

Cabin todayThe best thing is, this home makes me money which allows me to travel all summer. But, that's a whole other story.

Feel free to check out my website to Lily's River Sanctuary


These are the steps I follow in my business and personal life every day. As long as you stick to the plan, remain flexible and take steps towards your future every day you can't go wrong. Don't let anyone (including yourself) stop you from following your dreams. If it’s meant to it will be.

It may have taken years for this one to come to pass.  I knew in my soul that someday I would have that home.

I know now, that no matter what, building this next dream will also work out.

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me what success you’ve had fulfilling your dreams? What steps or actions do you use? I am always curious to learn what other people do.

Are you building a business or thinking about it?  Reach out or connect with me on Facebook.  I love exchanging ideas.

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Until Next Time

Have a blessed day

Love and Light


P.S.  Personal Development is Key to all successful entrepreneurs. When you work on you, you start to become self aware. You also bring a richness to those around you.  I just recently finished reading Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham.  This is an excellent book, and comes with a Strength finder test when you buy this book.  So many of us don't know our strengths and focus on our weaknesses.    If you really want to fulfill your dreams then working on your strengths will get you there faster.

Don't forget to comment below.  Have a great day.




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