3 Simple Thought Changes that will take you From Wishy Washy to having Clarity

Elizabeth here and I'm going to share with you 3 simple changes you can make to go from Wishy Washy to having Clarity. Having clarity in what ever you're doing is important. Ready?

Are you one of those people that tends to make things harder then they need to be? Do you over think every step you take? Do you get stuck wondering what other people will think or say? Are you jumping from one thing to another?

If so, then this is for you.

I’ve done all those things and then some. Procrastinate, worry, frozen into do nothing and worrying about what people will say. What’s stupid is I’ve created many wonderful things and know what’s possible. But, still I get caught up in the silliness of it all. Then I get reminded STOP you can do this it’s not rocket science. Pick yourself up by the boot straps and get going. Let go of the outcome and just do it.

The universe has a funny way of showing me what I need to do or reminds me what I need to do.

The other day I stumble across a Marie Forleo video where she was talking about 3 shifts to make in your thinking. For those of you that don’t know Marie, she is a Life and Business coach. She's been on Oprah, is the creator of B School, and is the host of Marie TV. If you haven’t had a chance to see her, I highly recommend watching her show.

3 Shifts to take you from Wishy Washy to Clarity


Shift 1:

Having Clarity is the beginning of all changes. Clarity is the certainty of knowing it will happen. You don’t have to know the how, but you do need to know you can make it happen. The trick is to pick one thing you will complete. Be clear on your intent.

Secret – Clarity, Certainty and Knowing are the foundation of all creation

Shift 2:

Action – Get into Action. Don’t worry about being perfect – just do it.

Critical – listen to that voice in your heart. When you want something bad enough you find a way. You are a creation machine.

A decision is not real without action behind it. Recently I wrote about the 7 Steps to getting to your Dream feel free to check it out.

Shift 3:

Go from a Short term thinker to long term winner. Do Brave, honest work. Nothing comes free, you have to work for it. Make a plan and work your butt off. In today’s world people look for the short cuts and easy button. The truth is there is no easy button. However, I recommend finding a mentor or coach that has done what you want to do. It’s said that success leaves clues. There are many great teachers you can pick from.

Secret – Tenacity matters more than tactics

Join a Community

Community is important. We all want to belong to something. It’s so much easier when you have a community of people all working towards a goal. We can bounce ideas off each other. When you’re struggling, chances are pretty high someone will have an answer to the challenges.  I’m not specifically advocating you join a Facebook group or something like that.  But, I am saying to find a few people you relate with and can call on the phone for real conversations.  Get together a couple times a week to check in and chat.  I’m always interested in chatting with people.  Hit me up on Facebook and leave me a message.

Go for progress not perfection

This is the single most important advice I can give you. Perfection is the killer of dreams. Don’t let perfection get in your way, its progress that will get you to where you want to go.  Doesn’t even matter if it’s crappy.  The Universe can’t move unless you do.

Well that’s all I got for today.

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Until Next Time

Have a blessed day

Love and Light






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